The women of Winners Chapel Ghana deemed it prudent to form a fellowship in gathering all the women in the church under one umbrella to share a common goal in order to achieve in solving all

issues as a network of caring women

The fellowship, called Winners Women's Fellowship {WWF} is opened to all women of Winners Chapel Ghana nationwide

Members greet each other with the slogan "excellent woman, excellent works, glorious within, golden without". Proverbs 31 >10,29,30 & Psalm 45 >13

Aims & objectives

  1. To ensure that all women of WCG are brought under one umbrella in the spirit of sisterly love, in oneness and unity.
  2. To raise excellent women full of the spirit and love of Jesus Christ for excellence [golden] works for his glory
  3. Focus on promoting life in the spirit of the word of god among women for excellent works in every aspects of life.
  4. To teach the women how to love their own husbands and to be successful mothers and wives. [ Ephesians 5 >22 -23 ]
  5. To teach the women how to raise godly children
  6. To nurture & mentor the young women to be good marriage material and also guide them in how to take good care of their husbands.
  7. To ensure decent dressing and good conduct as befits a Christian woman
  8. To offer support to the needy, aged, widows, orphans and admonish the women to be full of good works as followers of Jesus Christ fully involved in the great commission and also serve the lord in diverse practical ways. [ acts 9 >36, mark 15 >40-41, Luke 8 > 1-3
  9. To hold annual & bi - annual crusades, conventions, conferences, seminars, retreats & camp meetings for all women in the church and beyond. To teach them how to have successful lives whilst walking worthy of the lord in all things.