The Administration serves as the secretariat of the General Overseer where all the administrative matters in the ministry are handled.

Human Resource
The Human Resource Management issues are currently handled by the office of the Pastor-in-Charge of Administration. Matters regarding recruitment, training and staff welfare are handled.

Accounts Department
This department is in charge all the financial issues of the ministry which include; the receipt, management and disbursement of ministry funds. As part of the duties of this department is the preparation of monthly and annual budgets together with the income and expenditure accounts of the ministry. All these, are done taking into consideration the financial policy that governs the operations of the department.
The Ministry Finance Officer is currently the head of this department and supervises the finances of all the branches of the ministry.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department
The ICT department is in charge of the smooth running of the ICT systems and training of staff on ICT matters. This department is pivotal in ensuring the ministry’s vision of The Word to the World is attained and this is been done through the use of social media platforms and other technologies in making the vision a reality.

Public Relations Department
This department develops and plans the publicity of the ministry. All communications that goes to the public, visitors and stakeholders are evaluated by this department.
The branding of the ministry is also handled by this department where strategies are developed regarding the presenting of the church to the public on different platforms.

Technical and Media Department
The Technical and Media department handles the audio-visual of the ministry. The systems and resources used in the ministry are managed by the department.
This department works with the Public Relations office to ensure the vision of the ministry is achieved.