The department is made up of teenagers from the ages of 13 – 19 years. These years are crucial year in the life of a teenager and must be given much attention. This age is like the level in a building project where the ground is prepared for concrete to be poured unto

Before the concrete, there must first be the ramping and compacting of sand to sit very well before concrete is poured. If ramping of sand Is not well done, the ground turns to have cracks in the very near future. When the teen ager grows up the knowledge of the word of God, the future does not always look promising. In this light, at the department we do our best to instill the knowledge of God’s word into their spirit/minds.

This is done through various programs. List of Programs

CAMP MEETING: This is one of our major program where teenagers are taken outside the normal church environment to camp for a period of three days, selected men of God are invited to speak into their lives during this time corporate with fasting and other spiritual exercises also take place.

PRECIOUS GENERATION WEEK CELEBRATION: This is also a week long program where teacher take a break and allow teenagers to run the days activities, such as sermons, the announcement, offering etc. Teenagers also take time during this week long celebrations to visit institutions they aspire to work in the very near future. Other activities include drama night, rep your school night, night of worship to thank GOD dubbed (OPEN AIR ENCOUNTER) for His mighty hand upon their lives, this program takes place on the forecourt of church. Finally, the day is climaxed with Homecoming where former members of the Teens church are invited to the Sunday service to share some of their past and present experiences with those there now.

PRAYER SPORTS: Pray without ceasing our Lord Jesus says, this is a prayer meeting designed to achieve two things 1. Prayer 2. Have some fun. The interest of most teenagers is to have fun, in this eight hours’ program they get a little of fun, and fasting and prayers, this program generally comes off at Aburi gardens or Achimota forest

JESUS ON THE STREET (CITY EVASION):  Go ye and make disciples of all Nations". This is an evangelism program designed to help the teenager practice the act of evangelizing at a very early stage to bring about spiritual growth, it has been discovered that our teens that participated in this program seriously, comes out to be much useful in the things of the church.

BREAKFAST WITH JESUS: This idea was birthed from a constant problem that plagued the Teens church for quite a long time. The teachers realized that several teens were always at the canteen before and during service citing hunger as their excuse. This robs them of the start of service and praises and worship time. The concept was backed by Acts: 2:46 to curb this problem. We instituted breakfast with Jesus session which takes place right after opening prayers. The teens take their light breakfast and return to continue the service.  Since this program started teachers supported from their generous gestures. Some parents who have heard of it have also contributed with breakfast items to support the program.

HYENA (STRATEGY FOR SOUL WINNING): The animal Hyena always hunt or fight for their survival in groups. We shall employ this strategy to win souls for The Lord. We shall use our 4 families. From each family they will select a popular place they will love to go, they will then invite a friend from outside to join them

VARIETY SUNDAY: A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance; this is a session of event which has been fused into our Sunday’s services. It happens every second Sunday of every month. The teenagers are given the opportunity to exhibit and practice their hidden talent given to them by God in singing, dancing, acting, poetry recitation, playing of any instruments, etc. 

EASTER BEACH: Teachers together with teens are taken to the beach to satisfy their curiosities and yearnings.

RESCUE HOUR: Pray for the city of Jerusalem and its inhabitants this takes place before close of service. We spend 10 minutes engaging the teenagers in an intense prayer for themselves, the church, family, education, the Bishop and Pastorate etc. for God's interventions on their behalf

TEACHERS APPRECIATION DAY: On this day the department honours all the teachers with souvenirs

TEENS GRADUATION RETREAT: Teenagers who will turn twenty years are graduated into the Wisdom Chapel. Prior to their graduation they are given a three days’ retreat where pre-adulthood lessons are taught them. Resource persons are invited during this program

TEENS TEACHERS RETREAT: If the iron is blunt much strength will be required. Teachers retreat to have refresher training courses, pray and fast for the department and the entire church, and set out plans for the year ahead. Resource persons are made to come in during this retreat.  

NIGHT OF EXPLOSION:  A session of praises and worship offered to God. The department in these night offers immense praises and worship to God. Praise and worship leaders are derived from this program. This worship night also substance their continually being around, not going elsewhere to be porches way by other churches.

The department currently has over 300 teenagers from the ages of 13 to 19 years (Primary 6 to University) with twelve (12) teachers. The department has its own church auditorium, where teenagers have their own Sunday and weekday services.

The department is headed by Pastor Jones Boakye who is a teacher of the word of God and a child training consultant. He has directly rendered his teachings and services on the statement ‘It Is Better to Prepare than to Repair’.

His fifteen (15) years of experience as the teens pastor in Winners Chapel Ghana, has given him so much knowledge and insight about the world of Teens; a world most parents know very little about. This publication, “The Teen God Uses - PREAPARATION” is the result of his passion to share such crucial information for effective parenting and the discovery of ‘self’ by young people.