Background:  Men’s Fellowship, Winners Chapel Ghana, Avenor was established in 31st October 2014, guided by a Constitution, led by the elected Executive Committee headed by the President and responsible to the General Assembly of the Fellowship. 

Our Motto:  Blameless Men – Revealing the Glory of God

Our Vision: To serve as a vehicle to the achievement of the mission of the Church (Winners Chapel Ghana).

Our Mission: To ensure that the men (fellows) are brought under one umbrella in the spirit of brotherliness for a common good and in love.

Our Aims and Objectives:

  1. To maintain and ensure spiritual growth, healthy development and prosperity of the members.
  2. To ensure the knowing, practice and sharing of the word of God for the development of members, individually and collectively.
  3. To ensure that proper care and welfare of members are attained. 1 Peter 2:2, 1Timothy 4:13, 3 John 
  4. To assist and participate in the activities of the church.
  5. To serve as trusted platform to mobilize membership and provide opportunities to build relationships.
  6. To provide avenue for the ministry, forms of recreation, education and entertainment for the men.

What you stand to gain if you are a member

  1. Warmth and Caring from members of Men’s fellowship
  2. Develop into stronger man of God and expand your social network
  • Financial and Social support in times of distress,
  1. Financial and social support in the event of marriage of the fellowship members
  2. Celebration of milestone birthday in honour of senior cirizenship-60 yrs, 70 years, 80 years and above
  3. Financial and social support in times of bereavement of a member
  • Financial and social support in the event of death of a member

What are your responsibilities?

  1. Payment of membership monthly dues of GHS 10.00
  2. Contribution during freewill offerings, silver collections and emergency contributions
  • Active participation of all meetings including visitations of distressed members, and all other social needs of fellow members
  1. Worthy ambassador of Christ Jesus drawing souls to WCG and Men’s Fellowship
  2. Well versed in and uphold the Constitution of Men’s Fellowship at all times.

Goals for the next two years (2021-2023)

  • Increase paid up (i.e. active) members in the Men’s Fellowship of WCG , Avenor Branch (currently at 40) by 200% by end of 2022
  • Establish WCG Men Umbrella Organization nation-wide for the advancement of the cause of Christ for WCG by November 2021.