Name of Branch and Precise Location
Winners Chapel Ghana, Mallam City Branch (Christ Family Assembly),
Between Star Oil Filling Station and Julikart Supermarket,
Mallam, Accra.

Brief History of the Church
In March 2008, Pastor Frank Adipa was commissioned by Bishop George Adjeman to pioneer WCG's missionary outpost or branch at Mallam. On April 6, 2008, the official inaugural service was held with a handful of dedicated people numbering over 20.

The ministry’s place of worship, in its early days, was under a canopy erected at the courtyard of the home of a member, Commander Cephas Agbelie, now a pastor of the ministry. To the glory of God, services were never disrupted by rains or any harsh weather conditions. Among other things, Pastor Adipa would lead the flock to speak to the elements of the heavens and command them not to disrupt any of the services. The experience, indeed, was one of faith.

In 2009, the church settled in a rented facility, House of Glory, in Mallam to accommodate the growing flock. Membership soared from 80 people to over 180.

Under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Richard Daniels and Pastor Guggisberg Amegashie, the church further experienced tremendous growth in size and structure.

Over the years of its existence, God has raised a vibrant church of over two hundred and seventy members, within a six-year period. Some of the fruit of this missionary enterprise are today pastors in the church and in other Ministries.

Today, membership of WCG Mallam includes many from all walks of life. The Ministry has grown into a respectable and spiritual place of encounter with God, not to mention the several community programmes it has undertaken since its inception.

This, undoubtedly, is proof of the grace of God and the leadership of His servant, Bishop George Adjeman, and the faithful pastors, associates and members that God brought, and continues to raise, to serve in the ministry.