“The Lord gave the Word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it; “Psalm 68:11"

Glory and honor be to our Lord for the revelation and insight given to the Leader and Overseer of this Great Commission of ours. In time past, majority of our membership had been venerating at Avenor, where the main auditorium is being located under the tutelage of Bishop George Adjeman, the General Overseer of our beloved commission. However, it became observably important and farsighted under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, point in time for the church to send the Word to the World in the fulfillment of the commission’s Vision and Mission. In line with this philosophy, leadership of the branch at that time, in closed collaboration with other hardworking individuals, responsively secured a facility found to be suitable for religious activities or worship center. God, as proclaimed in His Word “I will build my church and gate of hell….” the branch progressively and consistently experienced tremendous growth, financially and numerically, over the four years of its existence.


After several painstaking initiatives, in a bid to securing a facility per our estimate, convenient, comfortable and more importantly, suitable for church services, leaders at the time managed to secure the present place of worship. The facility which is now serves as a synagogue, was initially an opened-air kind of a structure used for several purposes in the past.  The single logistic supply to run fully-fledged city branch was 100 pieces of old-fashioned plastic chairs from Avenor branch. As time rolled on, members in closed partnership with leadership incessantly ensure that any items essential for the smooth running of the branch were provided.

Currently, the facility which is rented under a coherent and stringent tenancy agreement for period of 9 years is completely roofed, furnished and appropriately being put to judicious use. With a huge unflinching financial support by the Members, the Headquarters in closed collaboration with management, purchased the roofing sheets, timber boards, galvanized pipes and other related building materials that was required to put the facility into a suitable and convenient place of worship.

On Sunday, the 17th day of January 2010, the branch experienced its first congregational service which was held and conducted under the guidance and leading of Pastor Emmanuel Chama, the Accra Regional Pastor of WCG at the time. Special spiritual exercises were performed to dedicate the center into the hands of the God as well as exorcising any superfluous spirit(s) that might hold dominion over the place. During this inaugural service which was characterized by clapping, singing and dancing the center was sanctified and declared “Mountain of Change” and the brethren deeply expressed their heartfelt gratitude unto God for His faithfulness and loving tenderness more importantly, when members remembered how far He has brought them to their present place of worship.

As a result of no musical instruments and an organized choir, the entire congregation, to the hilt, metamorphosed into a mass choir and clapped and sang to His glory.