The office of the General Overseer is located at the Avenor Branch of the ministry. 

This office handles ministry-wide issues and gives direction to the ministry by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Currently, the General Overseer is Bishop George Adjeman. His office is in charge of all Head Office correspondence. That is to say, this office supervises all the branches across the country.

 The General Overseer, sits as the Chairman on the Headoffice Management Board and on the National Church Council.

The officers at the headoffice together with the General Overseer are, the Avenor Branch Head Pastor, Pastor-in-charge of Administration, Public Relations Officer and the Ministry Finance Officer. These form the head office Management Board.

As the spiritual head of the ministry, the General Overseer being the Bishop of the ministry gives spiritual direction to the ministry and is currently the resident Bishop of the Avenor Branch.