The Family Week Celebration is the third and final major programme of WCG each year. It is stated or December each year. Family week is also a time set aside for the WCG family to appreciate God for His blessings and protection all through the year. Unlike the Holy Spirit Convention, WCG invites guest ministers to come and share fellowship with the ministry for this event.

The family week celebration basically centres on the family and members’ relationships. The final day of the celebration is the church’s annual thanksgiving service. During this event, each family is tasked to come with 365 Ghana cedis to thank God for His protection, faithfulness, and blessings throughout the whole year. The sum of 365 Ghana cedis represents GHC1 for each day of the year.

The event for 2019 was held from Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th December. The theme was building a lasting marriage and the guest Speaker was Elder Amos Kevin Annan of the Church of Pentecost.