In line with the church’s vision and mission of taking the word to the world, Psalm 68 :11, the children’s Department has dedicated itself to feeding the children with the word through dynamic weekly Bible teachings and daily devotional study of the word in their respective homes. It’s our firm belief that before we can take the word to the uttermost parts of the world we must first start in Jerusalem (Accra main branch), in Judea (Accra city branches) Acts 1:8, in line with the church vision.


Teaching outlines are given out one week prior to the teaching topic. These outlines come with the bible reading plan which has been modelled after The One Year Bible reading plan. Children are helped to read the bible passages as detailed by the reading plan.

Afterwards, they are helped to memorize the selected memory verse by the close of the day.


Teachers of the Children’s department of Winners Chapel Ghana are under explicit instruction to teach, not to preach to the children.

Therefore, persons who are entrusted with the gift of ministering to the children are given the opportunity to instruct the children in the ways of the Lord in line with the Great Commission as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20.

Due to the age variations in the department, the children have been grouped into junior and senior classes.

Junior Class

This class consists of Children from one year (1year) to eight years (8yrs). Teaching at this stage is basically through the use of videos and pictorial descriptions. The level of attention of the children at these ages is low, and hence the use of video helps to sustain their attention. This notwithstanding, there is an occasional introduction of the one-year bible to the class (6-8years)

Senior Class

This class is made up of children between the ages of nine (9) and twelve (12). Teaching methods at this stage is basically through the use of the one-year bible which has the aim of helping the children to memorize one bible quotation every day.

By the time the children turn thirteen (13yrs), they are ready for graduation into the teens church. Beside the mental exercises the children are engaged in, we also try to balance the teaching with fun and recreational activities. We embark on excursions to various fun places such as Aburi gardens and picnics at recreational facilities. As part of our motivation we also participate in biblical fun games with other churches and at times invite some foster homes to participate in our in-house fun activities.